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Two artist residencies at Villa Josepha Ahrenshoop Germany 2022

Atelier Josepha brings together nature and art under the central theme 'Baltic Sea'. It promotes critical reflection on the historical and current circumstances of the Baltic Sea Region. The residency stands in a tradition of cultural cooperation and exchange within this area. It is also inspired by the need to reflect on our mutual environment and shared seas – both as forces of nature and in their increasing vulnerability

Application deadline: November 30, 2021

Residency period: A period of three weeks between September and December 2022. The residency requires the artists´ full-time presence at Atelier Josepha.


Atelier Josepha invites artists of all disciplines to Ahrenshoop. Eligible artists (no age limit) must be residents of a state that borders the Baltic Sea. Residents of other European countries are welcome if they have a proven connection to the Baltic Sea region. The artist must agree that the residency and potential works performed or created may be documented in the form of a short film and photos.

This documentation will be made available to the artist and archived at Atelier Josepha. The artist and Atelier Josepha both have the right to publish it, without charge, for non-profit purposes or within the context of the residency.


Use of Atelier Josepha and lodging in Villa Josepha (board not included). Visitors are not encouraged and require written approval.

Stipend of EUR 1,500 (EUR 500 per week of stay)

Travel expenses to and from Ahrenshoop (by train where possible, flights where necessary)

Artists´ materials up to EUR 250 (proof of expenditure required)

Legal claims are excluded.

How to apply

Applications should be submitted by email (max. 5 MB) to:

Please attach the following documents in German or English (PDF only):

  • (1) CV, including level of language skills, postal address, and contact details
  • (2) Portfolio and artist references (max. 10 pages of A4)
  • (3) A short (max. 700 words) exposé summarizing the proposed work of the applicant for the period of the residency.The exposé should highlight the relationship between the proposed artwork and the theme of the Baltic Sea. This can be historical, geographical, political, literary etc. Supporting photos or graphics are welcome (max. two pages).

Selection process

The artists will be selected by the curatorial board of Atelier Josepha. No reason will be given for their decision. The residency is awarded on the basis of the application, the quality of the work and the relevance of the proposed project within the cultural context of the Baltic Sea Region.

The deadline for submissions is midnight (GMT+1), November 30, 2021. Successful applicants will be notified by 15 January 2022.

Covid-19 pandemic

We reserve the right to modify these conditions or cancel according to developments in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Further Information


In May 2018, Atelier Josepha celebrated its opening as a flexible showroom and workspace in Ahrenshoop. The studio offers artists a quiet place for inspiration between the Bodden and the Baltic Sea. The central theme of Atelier Josepha is the ‘Baltic Sea’. The Baltic is a small ocean that occupies large spaces in history and collective memories of the littoral states. Its history is characterized by continuous exchange and close cultural integration, whereby the common sea has long been more decisive for the development of culture and cultures than the national states in the hinterland. However, a look at the past also shows that only collective management and the creation of a shared identity can counteract ruthless exploitation. In this sense, Atelier Josepha creates a space of encounter with cultural and natural treasures, but also with the current and past burdens and challenges of the Baltic and its neighboring states.


Atelier Josepha is hidden amongst trees, gently nestled in the dunes. It is built on stilts to avoid impacting the surrounding environment and ensuring both the physical and ecological footprint is kept to a minimum. With the exception of the tile cladding, the building is constructed entirely of wood. Atelier Josepha was designed and realized by Studio Gorini-Streck Architects and was listed by the Berlin Chamber of Architecture among the 50 most noteworthy buildings of 2018.

Board of Curators

  • Helen Adkins - Curator and independent art historian
  • Marcus Hagemann - Cellist, curator and producer, Director ARS BALTICA
  • Vera Neukirchen - Head of Museum Service Hamburg
  • Torsten Ruehle - Painter and curator
  • Charlotte Streck - Owner of the Atelier Josepha / /